Parking Rental Agreement

(“Company” or “You”, listed on the rental form) agrees to pay (the purchasing amount on your online rental form) for parking each month by the 1st day of the month. Pro-rated cost will be applied to parkers starting service, however, the payment is due by the 1st. If not paid by the 5th day of the month, a $10.00 late fee per day will accrue until you have paid in full. If you have not paid in full by the 10th day of the month, your account will still be in default and Samples Transportation Services reserves the right to impound your vehicle. The impoundment process will begin on the day your equipment is towed and you will be responsible for all charges accrued in this process, including daily storage rates of $25 a day plus wrecker fees.

You are responsible for locking the gate after entering, and after leaving, 100% of the time! If found leaving the gate open for any reason, a $100 fee will be charged. We have security cameras in place to locate exactly who left the gate open, please don’t make this mistake. This is for yours and everyone’s safety and for the protection of everyone’s equipment. You will be charged $200, and asked to leave the storage facility, if found violating this policy for a second offense.

You park at your own risk, so please keep your vehicles locked at all times. All risk are the responsibility of the signee of this agreement. Samples Transportation Services is not responsible for the theft or damages to any equipment, vehicles, or freight being transported while your vehicle is on this property. Personal vehicles will be parked in the spot that you rent. If found parking in an area not assigned to you, you will be charged for renting the additional space at a rate of $125, along with the space that you currently rent. Signee of this agreement, or any representative of the signee, agrees to hold harmless Samples Transportation Services, its officers, officials, employees, affiliates, and volunteers from and against any and all claims, suits, actions, or liabilities for loss of damages, or for injury or death of a person.

Repairs are not permitted in the space you rent. If repairs are needed, please contact our on-site shop (Samples Truck Garage). If found doing unauthorized repairs, a $100 charge will accrue for the first offense with a warning. On the second offense, you will be charged $150 and you will be asked to leave. You are responsible for maintaining the general cleanliness of your area and for keeping your areas free of debris. If found littering, or leaving any excess materials on the ground, a $100 clean up fee will be charged and a warning will be issued. If found of a second offense, you will be charged $150 and will not be allowed to use this storage facility any longer. Samples Transportation reserves the right to impound your vehicle any balances that go unpaid for 10 days.

Company shall indemnify and hold Samples Transportation Service, Inc., it agents employees and officers and assigns (hereinafter “Samples”), harmless from and against any and all losses, damages, claims or causes of action by third parties on account of or related to any death, injury to persons, or damage to property arising from Company’s operating under this Agreement.  Samples shall not be liable to Company for any consequential loss, delay or damage of any kind attributable to property of Company on Samples’ property. Company expressly waives any and all claims for damages, destruction or alteration to Company’s property which occurs on Samples’ property under the terms of this Agreement. 

This Agreement constitutes the full and complete agreement as between the Lessor and Lessee and supersedes all prior agreements, understandings or arrangements as to the subject matter hereof and any modifications hereto must be in writing. All promises, representations, terms, conditions, agreements, or other understandings, either verbal or written, relating to the subjects addressed in this Agreement are hereby merged into and are set forth in this Agreement.